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Bespoke grakle bridle

Grakle bridle hand stitched to customer’s specifications.

Bespoke grakle bridle

Bespoke grakle bridle

Dressage Bridle

Handstitched dressage bridle. Padded nose, brow and head. Diamante brow, rolled throat, lined half rubber reins.

Dressage bridle

Dressage bridle

Commemorative dressage bridle, Olympics 2012

I made this bridle to celebrate the Olympics, 2012. It is designed to buckle on top of the padded, shaped headpiece, so that there are less buckles and bulk on the side of the face, and less pressure on the poll. The throat is rolled and buckles under the head to keep a clean line. The padded brow has diamante detail, and there are five rings stitched on the wide padded crank noseband. The reins are extra long, raised and stitched at the bit end. The snaffle rein is half rubber. Hand stitched and hand crafted throughout; extra fine stitching.


Raised snaffle bridle

Handstitched made to measure raised snaffle bridle with rubber reins.Bespoke bridle

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Thank you, I'm so pleased with the bespoke art-deco style turquoise and black leather bag! As it's unique, no-one else has one, and it's much admired. It's perfect for the black tie events I attend for work. I'm thinking of commissioning a bespoke leather smart phone cover and an ipod cover next...
Sarah, Hastings

Thank you very much for making such a marvellous replacement bridle set for our old rocking horse. To be honest the quality of your work put the old leatherwork to shame. The grandchildren have been putting the old boy back to some serious hard work. I may consider replacing the saddle and other tack at a future date and you will be my first port of call.
Dave Pelling, Brighton