I make a wide variety of bespoke saddlery and equestrian tack.
Made from hand chosen English leather and cut, shaped and prepared using traditional craft methods, each piece is made especially for your horse.

The list includes:

  • Complete Bridle sets,
  • Bridle parts,
  • In hand bridles,
  • Reins, nosebands and browbands,
  • Stallion rollers
  • Martingales and breastplates,
  • Horse boots.
  • Girths and Stirrup leathers
  • Harness parts & sets
  • Saddle repairs
Leather brushing boots lined with sheepskin.
Traditionally styled in London Tan colour.
Handmade stallion roller with brass buckles.
Available individually and as part of a complete in hand set with bridle, lead rein, side reins, crupper and dock.
Repairs to Victorian side saddle.
Complete new doeskin seat, with original flaps and decorative stitching.
Modern side saddle, newly finished.
Bespoke saddle with doeskin seat and heads to fit client and client’s horse.
Leather Balding Girth
Hand stitched in finest English leather with best quality buckles. All sizes and styles, made to measure
Harness Bridle
Harness bridle with box keepers and patent winkers.

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Please email if there is any help we can give about the above or anything else horsey or about quality leatherwork.

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