My bellows have just arrived. They look great and smell good too! Many thanks.
Robert Charlesworth

We feel very privileged to have your saddle. It is beautiful.

Many thanks Nicola. The music case arrived this morning. It's very nice indeed!
Philip, Derbyshire

The boots are here and look very good, thank you very much!
Roger Skuse, Somerset

The handles are BEAUTIFUL! Many thanks for a good job. The colour is just perfect and the patina is great. Your work and finish is the kind that makes objects look increasingly better as they get more use. I feel very secure in carrying the case and tripod now.

Thank you for re-flocking and girth strap replacements Nicky. Fits perfectly now.
Cate Sullivan, Battle, East Sussex

My saddle was made by Nicola Watson - she did very well in the Master Saddler's competition with it. I've had it just under 2 years and it's great...even when the girth is loose (bad me!) it doesn't move and fits Libby brilliantly thanks to Nicola...Libby is a short coupled warmblood and has a big hind movement so not the easiest for a side-saddle-it's 16 3/4MW. For me, buying new is perfect as I do a bit of everything and I know it's safe and will last (it's also easier to keep clean!)...I've had some lovely older hire side saddles in the past but I am now a convert (unless a 15.5-16inch immaculate condition Owen appears which is unlikely so I will probably be going back to Nicola for a saddle for Libby's little sister, the devil pony when she is ready!)
Julia Izzard, Kent

I was down in Eastbourne yesterday and collected my suitcase - you've done a lovely job and the leather is a great colour match. I'm very pleased with it!
Janet King, Buckinghamshire

Bridle is really great, thank you. Perfect fit, buckles by the eye on the fourth hole down, anyone would think it's been made to measure!
Sian Kiff

I wear your belt every day, love it so much.
Marc, Zimbabwe

Tilly looks splendid in her posh harness. It fits really well and we are really pleased with it. Should last ages and worth every penny. Many thanks Sue (and Tilly!)
Sue Achurch

Over girth received - a lovely job. Many thanks.
Nikki Simpson, West Sussex

The judge's only comment to me yesterday was "nice bridle"!! Clearly a hit! Thank you very much. Several people commented on it.
Clare Cameron, Surrey

I meant to email before to say a big thanks for the bellows they are lovely. My husband has turned a nozzle from wood - they look super now.
Lynne Barr, Inverness

Thank you very much for making such a marvellous replacement bridle set for our old rocking horse. To be honest the quality of your work put the old leatherwork to shame. The grandchildren have been putting the old boy back to some serious hard work. I may consider replacing the saddle and other tack at a future date and you will be my first port of call.
Dave Pelling, Brighton

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I bought a lead made by you about six years ago, it is my absolute favourite and I would like to buy another one.
Stephanie Fox

Another thumbs up for Nicola Watson. She is a Master Saddler and is also a sidesaddle rider and competitor. It really helps if the saddler understands the requirements of sidesaddle riding.
Jill Yeaman, Australia