Had a day in prison today and the belt loop was perfect. Exactly the right length, right width and thickness, it was comfortable on the belt and the chain handled well with the thickness of leather. Thin leather loops pull badly when you are using keys. It is far better looking and better quality than the ones the officer used to make a few years back. Many thanks again.
Ian , East Sussex

The satchel arrived safe and sound and it's beautiful. Just opening the package and smelling the leather aroma I knew it was going to be something special, and it so is. Thank you, thank you...
Roberta Woodhouse, Brighton, East Sussex

I received the case this morning. Thank you. It is very smart.
Jacqui Clemson, Surrey

Collar you made for Pip looks fabulous thank you.
Peter Pilbeam, Battle

I am writing to say how pleased I am with the refurbishment of my "Gamebird" shooting stick. It looks better than new. Well done!
James McNeish, London

Pip's very happy with her new collar, thank you Nicola.
Sarah White, Battle, East Sussex

Thanks Nicola, absolutely delighted with the stallion set. Quite a few people complimenting the harness yesterday, really helped a lot, thanks again.
Robert Briggs, Birkett Bank Fell Ponies

Have just received my bag. Really pleased with it, thanks once again for taking the trouble to do the work. I will certainly recommend you.
Marie, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

Thanks for the case - well worth the wait. Very well made.
Angus Gladish

Treated my belt to a coat of Jeffries today. Still enjoying wearing it every day.
Bill, Battle, East Sussex

Excellent stitching on riding boots!
Lindsay, Battle

I am very proud of my lovely new purse. Thankyou!
Jonathon, Battle, East Sussex

(My rebuilt side saddle) Arrived safe and sound. Thank you. She looks amazing, now to find a horse that fits her
Chloe Edgar, Cheshire

Thanks Nicola, dog collar received OK and excellent quality.
Michael Donachie, Chichester, West Sussex

I am aware of the high standard of work that Nicola produces. I can commend her standard of work as being a consistent high quality and that her conduct in business as being of an ethical and professional manner.
Jill Yeaman Master Saddler, Queensland, Australia

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Everybody admires my bike bag.
Ben, Hastings

Thank you for the wonderful side saddle girth.
Elsbeth Kam, Austria